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1st American Properties Group has over 30 years of experience in providing hassle-free property-selling solutions to clients in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens.

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Rami Glattman - Co-Owner

Rami Glattman, a co-founder of 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC, is a seasoned real estate professional with over 20 years of experience. He owns several commercial and residential properties in New York City, demonstrating profound industry knowledge and leadership. Rami holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management and an MBA from Newport University. Originally from Israel, where he served in the Israeli Army, Rami moved to Brooklyn, New York, to start his real estate career and eventually settled there with his family. Passionate about the vibrancy and opportunities of New York City, Rami enjoys reading, following global politics, and soccer.


Pete Jacov - Co-Owner

Pete Jacov, co-founder of 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the real estate industry. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Business from Newport University, Pete began his career as a real estate agent in 1994. In June 1999, alongside his partner Rami, he established a Real Estate Office and Development Company, which has grown impressively to include over 100 agents, construction crews, foremen, and office staff. Under his leadership, the company has successfully managed over 2500 transactions, encompassing conventional brokerage services for buyers and sellers, the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of over 1000 homes, and the development of over 100 new residential units. Additionally, Pete has overseen the construction of significant 7-story buildings in New York’s East Village and Midwood, and the acquisition and management of eight major real estate holdings. He also holds and has developmental plans for land in Greenpoint, NY. His financial expertise is further highlighted by his ability to secure over $30 million in credit lines from prominent private lenders, enabling expansive projects and strategic growth in the real estate sector.

Since August 2012, Pete has been actively engaged as a real estate investor and developer at 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC, where he has built and renovated 17 properties in Harlem, New York. In his role, he also serves as an investment specialist, working diligently to achieve both short and long-term real estate investment goals. Additionally, he acts as an advisor and representative, helping investors buy real estate investment properties by providing top-tier services and expertise. Pete also acts as a recruiter of investors, focusing on profitable large-scale new development properties throughout New York City, and serves as a transaction coordinator, building and maintaining relationships with investors to facilitate a seamless and intelligent process for buying and closing real estate investments. His military service in the Israeli Army from 1985-1988 instilled in him a strong discipline that has significantly influenced his professional pursuits, underpinning his success in the challenging world of real estate.

Tomer Swisa - President of Acquisitions

Tomer Swisa holds the position of President of Acquisitions at 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC. In this role, Tomer is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and securing high-potential property acquisitions, playing a crucial role in the expansion and diversification of the company’s portfolio. His strategic insights and deep understanding of market dynamics drive the company's acquisition strategies, ensuring sustainable growth and value creation.


Gabriel Cusmai - Property Manager

Gabriel Cusmai serves as the Property Manager for 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC, where he plays a pivotal role in managing the day-to-day operations of the property portfolio. With a keen focus on efficiency and tenant satisfaction, Gabriel oversees a broad array of responsibilities, from maintenance and repairs to tenant relations and lease management. His robust approach ensures that all properties are maintained to the highest standards, and his effective communication skills foster positive relationships with tenants, enhancing tenant retention and satisfaction. Gabriel's comprehensive management style is instrumental in the smooth operation of the company’s real estate assets.


Marc Dori - Vice President of Acquisitions

Marc Dori is a recent graduate of St. John’s Law School with a vibrant passion for real estate, currently serving as the Vice President of Acquisitions at 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC. His academic and professional pursuits are closely intertwined, enhancing his expertise and contributions in the real estate sector. Marc’s strategic acumen and legal knowledge have driven numerous successful transactions, fostering growth and enhancing client satisfaction. Beyond his career, Marc is an avid fan of Penn State Football, the New York Mets, and the New York Rangers, showcasing his dedication and enthusiasm across all interests.


Bar Swisa - Vice President of Acquisitions

Bar Swisa is a 27-year-old expert in technology and real estate, renowned for his dynamic role in New York City's real estate market. With a background as an IT manager for the Head of Technology in the IDF, Bar brings a robust blend of tech-savvy and strategic execution to his ventures. His post-service journey took him from Africa to Southeast Asia, enriching his understanding of global business and real estate, which proved instrumental in founding Guacamaya, a successful real estate brokerage in Costa Rica. Today, as Vice President of Acquisitions at 1st American Properties Group 1 LLC, Bar applies his international experience and technological expertise to identify and develop lucrative real estate opportunities, ensuring strategic growth and client satisfaction.

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Excellent service...

"Excellent service. Highly recommended. Very attentive and professional company to do business with"

- Alex D.

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"My experience with 1st American was a good one. They were efficient, accommodating and professional during the entire sales process. Many thanks to Rami for his kind assistance and experienced counsel. The entire team comes highly recommended."

- Wendy O.

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"I had the pleasure of working with Marc Dori and the rest of the 1st American Team. They helped me sell my home and facilitated a seamless sale. I would highly recommend them for the sale of your home!"

- George P.

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